GAPP TELE SERVICES is India’s leading provider of neutral host in- building wireless infrastructure using distributed antenna systems (DAS). The company builds, owns and manages indoor wireless network infrastructure, enabling mobile service providers and property owners to offer an excellent wireless experience to their customers. GAPP’S provides a complete suite of wireless connectivity infrastructure inside buildings, covering all current and future wireless technologies including GSM, and 3G,4G, Upcoming 5G+Technologies.

GAPP TELE SERVICES was established by a versatile group of dynamic professionals in 2011-12. The organization functions with the aim of providing single window solutions to all its clients; i.e. the telecommunication operators and telecom infrastructure developers, in expanding their services across the nation; via its expert support service & delivery systems.

GAPP TELE SERVICES is a well- established and certified on ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management Systems(QMS) from QCI and International Organization for Standardization (ISO).GAPP TELE SERVICES implements SIX SIGMA Methodology for process improvement, client CTQ’s, Quality control and Quality assurance within the organization.

Completely satisfying customer needs profitably:-Six Sigma has a rich and powerful toolbox for nearly every kind of process analysis, process management, process improvement and process design. This toolbox was developed by Six Sigma pioneers looking at the huge variety of tools and approaches developed during the decades when quality debuted as a major corporate issue. Six Sigma generally uses and enhances well-known and proven techniques.

The history of GAPP TELE SERVICES reflects the mettle in its genes when a bunch of highly motivated and committed professionals made a modest beginning with 5 people on board. Since then, there’s no looking back for this vibrant organization. Today, GAPP TELE SERVICES has delivered across the board services at over 1000’s of IBS sites.